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Online MediConsulting, is Co-founded by alumnus of IIM, IIT and Medico and is promoted by Medical Tourism World, to facilitate and promote Medical Tourism in India.

We are the only company in healthcare, space which have aggregated all services under one website or app.

Customer have option and convenience of speaking to Doctor through our app / web by means of Video Call, can take free medical advice through the chat option, can take second opinion from the Panel of Doctor on treatment offered to patient.

The Comprehensive basket of Online Pharmacy, Diagnostic Services, Online appointment with Doctors at their City Clinic, Medical Tourism and Emergency services are unique features . The team OMC is always there to respond to your query and exigencies, when you need most.

We tailor the solution and customize treatment suiting to pocket of patient, and offer the range of Hospitals from Super speciality to the Stand alone Nursing homes, with established credentials through most reputed Doctors.

Discounts on Diagnostic Service and Pharmacy services range from 20 % to 35 % are available through our website / app.

The Largest Services Basket ranging from Ayurveda to Rejuvenation SPA and Naturopathy Treatments brings a unique blend of Health and Wellness in to Holisting Healing and Stress Free Life.

We assure and guarantee best in Class and most Cost Effective Medical treatment for International Patients, with our Tied-up best in class International Standard Hospitals.

We have our local representatives and offices across 10 countries and are expanding Global Branches.

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